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Publisher Wargaming
Genre MMO Action
Format Mostly 7v7

World of Tanks is a strategic shooter MMO game published by Wargaming. As a player, you chose a specific tank (which fills different needs and has its own strengths and weaknesses). Together with your team, you need to choose a good composition and use team play to take objectives versus the enemy team. The game is free to play which has led to a huge player base during the last years. The format differs a bit between tournaments but the game is mostly played seven versus seven in eSports context. The game is not recognized as one of the large eSports but still has tournaments with considerable prize pools.

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WOTCITO de farm y zumbis? 🫠🫠🫠 -- Código creador pal fortnite ( DAVIDSOUN )

Streamer: davidsoun
Game: World of Tanks: Blitz
Viewers: 3

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