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bet-on-Overwatch (OW)-eSport-betting Genre: MoBA/FPS
Format: 6v6
Publisher: Activision Blizzard

The game is a mix between the two classic genres MoBA and FPS. Matches are played team versus team, each consisting of 6 players. One team is attacking and the other one is defending, after a round you then switch up. A team can win the map/round by completing one or two objectives (depending on which map is played). There are several different maps and each map differs a little bit in objectives. So far there is one objective where the attacking team wants to push forward a payload to reach checkpoints (for each checpoints you get new spawns and more time to complete the objective). The other objective is a capture and hold style objective that the attacking team can complete by getting into a specific area and holding it for a short time.

It has some similiarities to the Team Fortress games where there are different heroes/classes that have different abilities and functions to reach certain objectives. The objectives can be to capture and hold or to push a bandwagon to different checkpoints. The biggest overwatch eSports event are the Overwatch League, also known as OWL.

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Gambling guide

To gamble or bet successfully on eSports and Overwatch specifically you need to put in a lot of effort into research the game. That means studying the gameplay, characters, meta and especially the different teams and players.

You can accumulate a lot of free overwatch knowledge by watching VODs or streams of Overwatch League, aka OWL is a good start. The Overwatch World Cup 2017 is also a good tournament to watch. In addition to that it's always good to read a lot and acquire overwatch betting tips if you can find any of value.

When doing this it’s important to put emphasis on the different teams’ strategies, strengths and weaknesses. With that we at eSportsbetting mean the players best core characters and also the teams overall performance on the specific maps.

It’s also very important to take the match format into consideration when placing bets. Okey, so we get that team one is a bit better than it’s opponent. Maybe we estimate their winning chance of 65% in a best of one. But if the match format is a best of three and we have no reason to re-estimate their winning chance based of the maps, the know have around 72% to win the match. Know we have to look at the odds, do the odds prices reflect a true image of our estimation or can we expect to make a profit? If yes, trust your analysis, if not, wait for better odds or another game.

When you’ve built up enough knowledge to make informed decisions it’s important to pick the right bookmaker for you. You can see reviews, bonuses and more in our compiled list of eSports betting sites.

After picking one or several eSport betting sites that you place your bets with it’s important to track your bet results (real or your “ghost bets” if you want to practice). This is best done in our betting tracker but can also be done in good excel spread sheets. Either you build your own or find a good one to use.

Good luck betting!