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Publisher Activision Blizzard
Genre MoBA/FPS
Format 6v6

In Overwatch, you will find a mix of two classic genres: FPS and MOBA. The game is played team versus team, with each team consisting of six players. After a round, you switch roles between the attacking and defending teams. The map/round can be won by completing one or two objectives (depending on the map). The objectives on each map vary a little bit between the different maps. In Overwatch 1, the attacking team wants to push forward a payload to reach checkpoints (for each checkpoint, you get new spawns and more time).

In addition, the attacking team can complete capture and hold objectives by capturing a specific area and holding it for a short period of time. Overwatch 2 added a "push" style of game mode. With each side tasked with pushing a mech down a path to reach its final destination.

The game is a good mix of CS:GOs objective-based gameplay and Team Fortress' Hero-based mechanics. The objectives in Overwatch are much slower to achieve, however. With the win condition much more checkpointed in Overwatch rather than round-to-round. The biggest Overwatch esports event is the Overwatch League, also known as OWL which features a franchised-based system for teams all over the world. 

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Overwatch (OW) Live Streams

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Streamer: fps_shaka
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 34,161

CRCUP OW 本番 #アルティメットダークドラゴンズ

Streamer: fantasista_jp
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 9,033


Streamer: akamikarubi
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 7,833

CRカップOW 大会本番~ #アルティメットダークドラゴンズWIN

Streamer: cr_vanilla
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 7,110

CRカップ本番! #UDDWIN

Streamer: hinanotachiba7
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 5,418

第4回 Crazy Raccoon Cup Overwatch 2

Streamer: crazyraccoon406
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 4,522

CRCUP 本番! ビッグマミー Nico視点 #ビグマWIN 3分遅延

Streamer: nico_ov
Game: Overwatch 2
Viewers: 3,751

How to bet on Overwatch (OW)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Overwatch (OW)

What is Overwatch Esports?

With Overwatch 2, the esports scene has changed. No longer a 6v6 format, the Overwatch League (OWL) will now move to a 5v5 format. While this might not seem like a groundbreaking change, it does remove a lot of the old meta options. Now, teams will likely play with 1 tank, 3 DPS, 1 healer, and 1 support. Obviously, we’ll see this change over the life of OW2 but for now, that seems like the play.

As for what Overwatch esports is. Well, teams will take it, in turn, attacking either an objective before swapping to defense. Or, both sides will fight to push the same objective to the other sides side of the map. Attack v defense game modes are set to a timer, so if each side makes it to the end it comes down to who did it faster. Sometimes this can make attacking first easier because you have time. However, having a set time frame can benefit the site that attacks second.

Types of Overwatch Betting Markets

Tournament/event winners – Choosing the outright winner of an event is what you're going to bet on here. It doesn't matter if it's a short weekend event or an entire OWL season. You’ll need to bet on who’s going to take the entire event and come out on top.

Match winner – As above, but for each match. In match winners, you have to predict the winner of each match or map. As a result, you may be able to place multiple bets within the same series.

Series winner - This is where you bet on the winner of a series or map. In most cases, you won't need to pick an exact score. Pick which side will win instead of picking which side will lose.

Most Points on a team – This market looks at the highest total points earnt by a player. Players will earn points for a variety of reasons. Kills, assists, or objective taking/holding. Normally you’d see most kills, but Overwatch is more about team and objective gameplay rather than pure kills.

5 reasons to bet on Overwatch

  • Free-to-play brings in a larger crowd, meaning more opportunities for Overwatch to blossem. While OW certainly started out with bags of hype, it fell off slowly as Blizzard looked to lose interest. OW2 has certainly maintained the hype, but it’s down to Blizzard to maintain that hype post-launch.
  • Overwatch is a tactical game, meaning teams with an eye for tactics do well. This can be important from a betting point of view as it removes a number of "lucky" variations from markets.
  • It’s not just about kills. Overwatch is an objective-based esports. That makes team play a key element in victory.
  • Moments of magic. Overwatch, specifically the OWL has so many opportunities for game-changing moments. Fights can flip in an instant, making the esports scene fascinating to watch.
  • Fairly stable meta. If OW1 is anything to go by, the OW2 meta isn’t likely to change from patch to patch. Now, this could change, but Blizzard is not known for reactive patching, so meta is likely to remain for entire seasons.

Tips for Overwatch betting

Play the game - The importance of this cannot be overstated. Placing bets requires an understanding of the context of the game. With OW2 going free-to-play, there’s no better time to get involved.

New game, new fans - With Overwatch 2 having just launched, more players are flocking to Overwatch.

Bet without bias - As you play, you will learn about the game and the esports scene. It is not always the best choice to pick the team or player you like. Betting on a team because you support it isn't a good idea, even if you know more about them as a result. Don't let your heart guide your betting.

Easy to understand - On the face of it, OW looks complicated. In reality, once you settle on a role (DPS/Tank/Support) it’s actually pretty easy. Play as a team, claim objectives and win the game.

Start small, play smart - The best tip of all is to start small and play smart. Don’t go big on one "sure thing", look at smaller options and work from there. Once you’ve learned the scene and have a better understanding of it. Then you can place larger stakes.

Final Thoughts

It’s an exciting time to be involved in Overwatch. With a new game released, a free-to-play monetization system and a stable esports program. Overwatch looks in a good place and it should continue on this trajectory. The big question is, can OW break through into the S-Tier esports scene with CS:GO and LoL? Time will tell, but the game certainly has the potential to be massive.

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