Overwatch (OW) betting

bet-on-Overwatch (OW)-eSport-betting Genre: MoBA/FPS
Format: 6v6
Publisher: Activision Blizzard

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Overwatch is a new game by Activision Blizzard that will be released in the spring of 2016. Currenty, at the date 11 November 2015 there is a closed beta released and I myself have got to try the game. From the hours I've played I can only say that it is very promising.

The game is a mix between the two classic genres MoBA and FPS. Matches are played team versus team, each consisting of 6 players. One team is attacking and the other one is defending, after a round you then switch up. A team can win the map/round by completing one or two objectives (depending on which map is played). There are several different maps and each map differs a little bit in objectives. So far there is one objective where the attacking team wants to push forward a payload to reach checkpoints (for each checpoints you get new spawns and more time to complete the objective). The other objective is a capture and hold style objective that the attacking team can complete by getting into a specific area and holding it for a short time.

More information will come as soon as the game is released!

Betting guide

There is no professional betting guide on how to successfully bet on Overwatch yet because the game has not been released yet and no bookmakers offers betting on Overwatch yet. But be sure to check back, a complete guide will be up as soon as there is odds available.