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Want to calculate or translate odds? ➀ Use our odds calculators to see margins. Translate odds between formats βœ…

Below is a selected collection of odds calculation tools for betting (eSports, soccer, football, it does not matter).

Input your odds below and calculate the bookmaker margin!
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The bookmaker margin calculator calculates the margin / payout that a bookmaker takes / offers on a specific event. The lower the bookmaker margin the higher the payout and the better for you as a bettor.

The translate odds calculator can translate from decimal (EU), fractional (UK) or american odds (US) and will show you the corresponding odds for all the other formats, including odds percentage and implied odds.

The odds to percentage calculator calculates the probability (in percentage) of the different outcomes on a specific event (after deducting bookmaker margin), given that you input the odds.

Why is it important to calculate Margin / Payout?

It’s important to check what margins a bookmaker charge on a match or sport event. The margin is the cost that the bookmaker charges you for their service. Say they offer odds on a heads-up match (2 players or teams facing each other with no draw outcome) at 1.95 and 1.95. If they where paying back all money they would pay 2.0 and 2.0, but they never do that since they are a company that have costs and expects to make a profit).

At 1.95 vs 1.95 the bookmaker margin is 2.56% (which is low) and the payout of each $100 is $97,44. The industry standard for eSports odds are lower however, which means the companies usually more than ~3%.

To calculate what margins or payouts a betting site charges or offers, just run the calculations in the widgets above. It also works good for 1X2-matches and outright-events (a team to win a tournament of 8 teams etc.).

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