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Publisher Riot Games / Tencent
Genre Mobile MoBA
Format 5v5

In simple terms, Wild Rift is a mobile League of Legends. More specifically, it makes several quality-of-life changes alongside improved graphics. The latter point isn’t something we usually see for a mobile title. However, with LoL being such an old title, it probably makes sense. Wild Rift also alters the way LoL plays, and the game has also limited the number of Champions in the game. Partly due to balance, though likely more to do with the amount of balance and development time it would take to do.

That said, Wild Rift creates a unique mobile version of League of Legends. The game is still 5v5, though one significant change is that the idea of a dedicated jungler is removed in place of both the top and bottom lanes being two-person lanes. Games are also much faster, with the typical LoL 25-35 minute games coming in closer to 15-20 minutes, though it is still possible for a game to go a lot longer.

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How to bet on Wild Rift (WR)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Wild Rift (WR)

While not as substantial as LoL, Wild Rift has a growing esports scene. The main event in the Wild Rift esports calendar is the Icons Global Championship. The most recent event occurred in July 2022 and saw Chinese team Nova Esports take the crown. One interesting note is that a number of Chinese and Korean LoL teams have sides that represent them in Wild Rift. For North America and Europe, however, this isn’t the case. With just Cloud9 (NA) being the exception. Much like LoL, however, Wild Rift is dominated by sides in East Asia, with Western sides mostly making up the numbers.

Much like in LoL, Wild Rift is broken out into regional leagues, with that feeding into the Icons series at the end of the Wild Rift esports season. Wild Rift also has a number of more regional 3rd party events, with Riot Games still keen to have 3rd party organizers run tournaments. Riot Games used to have the same policy in League of Legends, too. Those were mostly shut down when they introduced franchising. For now, Wild Rift is growing, so it’s in the best interest of Riot to let as many events as possible take place.

Types of Wild Rift Betting Markets

Match-winners: A match-winners market is the most straightforward bet. Tasking you with predicting the winner of a single match.

Series score: Here, you’ll be placing a bet on the winner of an entire series and not just an individual match. This market is usually done via an over/under system.

First Blood: Betting on which team will score the first kill. This can be a pivotal turning point in a game and give an indicator of who might win.

Wild Rift Betting Tips

Play the game: It cannot be understated how important it is to know how to play a game before you commit to betting on it. Wild Rift is a game that's relatively easy to learn but challenging to master. Learn the basics, improve your knowledge, and bet using what you learn. With the title being F2P and on mobile, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Focus on a region: With so many regions to choose from, it's best to pick one and focus on learning that. Probably look at the region you reside in first, and then cry your knowledge from there.

Fear the underdog: Much like with any MOBA betting, Wild Rift esports can be a risky game to play. With so much on the line and so many ways to influence the game, it’s important to be careful of "weaker" sides.

Start small: As you begin your journey into the world of online betting, it is wise to start with smaller bets.

Set a budget: As starting small is essential, it is also important to have a budget. To begin, you may want to start with $60 (or close to that amount) and avoid placing it in one or two large bets at a time. Never bet money you can't afford to lose. If you feel like your gambling has become a problem, reach out to a helpline.

4 Reasons to bet on Wild Rift Esports

A growing title with a considerable ceiling: It’s easy to say, "any MOBA can be the next LoL". That’s the dream, but Wild Rift is mobile LoL, so it has the best chance. At the same time, the game hasn’t exploded in popularity just yet (probably because Riot doesn’t want to kill their LoL cash cow). The game could do with more growth in the West, though the region often lags behind East Asia regarding MOBA titles.

Large developer backing: Riot Games isn’t going to go away anytime soon, so Wild Rift is a prime title to invest in. We’d like to see more cross-promotion with the main game, though Wild Rift seems to be growing at a steady pace by itself.

Variety of markets: MOBA titles are some of esports' most diverse betting markets. From match winners to what Drake will spawn first to first blood. MOBA titles always provide a huge variety of markets. With both in-play and pre-match markets.

Unique meta: While we mentioned that LoL has an evolving meta, that’s no different in Wild Rift. However, the two games are not one and the same. Wild Rift is its own beast, and with that comes its own set of meta-shifting patches and tournaments. Keeping an eye on these shifts can give you, the better, an edge when it comes to the betting markets.

Final Thoughts

There’s little doubt that Wild Rift is becoming a premier esports. While it still falls behind other Mobile MOBA titles like Mobile League: Bang Bang, the LoL IP gives it a slight boost in appeal. While the Asian market is the largest one for MOBA titles, a truly global esports needs to have an impact globally. Wild Rift is best placed to do that, and time will tell

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