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Publisher Psyonix
Genre Sport
Format 3v3

The game saw massive initial success when it launched on the PS4 service PlayStation Plus. It was offered for free to subscribers and the gain blew up from there. Now a free-to-play title, Rocket league is on every system and has become a staple of esports and gaming.

Rocket League (RL) Betting Sites

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Rocket League (RL) Live Streams

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Grind to GC

Streamer: cono897_
Game: Rocket League Sideswipe
Viewers: 4

forre mega stream might

Streamer: jtsantos2013
Game: Rocket League Sideswipe
Viewers: 1

giggidy goo

Streamer: 6ivic
Game: Rocket League Sideswipe
Viewers: 1


Streamer: itstwinsworld
Game: Rocket League Sideswipe
Viewers: 1

How to bet on Rocket League (RL)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Rocket League (RL)

What is Rocket League?

In its most simple terms, Rocket League is what happens when you take rocket-powered cars and play football (soccer) with them. Reminiscent of countless episodes of the UK show Top Gear, Rocket League is a simple idea, executed to perfection. First released in 2015 by Psyonix, the is now owned by Epic Games, which purchased the studio in 2019.

Different ways to bet on RL

Tournament/event winners – This is where you bet on the outright winner of an event. It doesn't matter whether it's a short weekend event or a full season of league play. It's up to you to decide who will win the entire event.

Series winner - The goal here is to predict which team will win a series or map. Usually, you won't have to pick an exact score. It's simply a matter of picking which side wins.

Match winner – The same as above, but for each match separately. Choosing match winners requires predicting each match winner. Within a single series, you may have the opportunity to make multiple bets.

Score prediction - This is where all your sports knowledge comes in handy. In this market, you’ll be looking to predict the exact score of a given match. With the speed at which Rocket League games are played, high-scoring games are very possible.

Score over/under - This is a slightly different version of the score prediction. Here, you’ll be looking to guess if a score will be over or under a specific target. Specifically, you’ll be placing a bet on if the winning team scores over or under a specific number of points.

Top scorer - Not carried by all bookmakers, however, top scorer is beginning to gain traction. Alternatively, we’d expect the first scorer to also appear down the road. Simply put, you need to predict what player is likely to score the most goals. Bear in mind that most teams do indeed have two "attackers" and 1 "defender" on their team.

5 Reasons why RL is exciting to bet on

Easy to Understand - Rocket League is one of the easiest games to understand. You drive a car (with a rocket pack) against 3 opponents and you need to get the ball into the other team's net. While trying to stop them from getting the ball into yours. There’s obviously slightly more to it than that, however, that’s the basics.

Fast-paced - Rocket League is a fast game. A lot of that comes from the rocket part of the game's name, however, the pace of Rocket League is part of the charm. With the game able to change outcomes at the drop of the hat, it means anything can happen.

Growing popularity - Rocket League has grown from strength to strength in recent years. A lot of this is due to the game being released on more platforms. This, alongside the games, move to free-to-play has seen a boom in popularity. When you add in the growing esports scene, it’s a recipe for success.

Stable ecosystem - Rocket League has built a solid foundation since its launch. With cross-play, a staple of the game, the season's rotation means the game always has new content. This mostly comes in the form of car cosmetics or goal celebrations. You’ll also even find a number of esports team branded cosmetics as well, as Rocket League continues to integrate esports into the game.

Low barrier to entry - Free to play and available across multiple platforms. Rocket League also isn’t too taxing on a PC, which means it’s playing on a vast array of PCs. Regardless of their system specifications.

Rocket League betting tips

Play the game - There is no way to overstate how important this is. Placing bets requires knowing the context of what you're doing. The best way to do that is by playing the game.

Be involved in the community - Understanding the culture around a title is essential. This is also true of Rocket League. It's critical to jump headfirst into the game since the community is much tighter. With it being free-to-play and on most systems, it’s really easy to become immersed.

Start small, play smart - Taking baby steps and playing smart are the best tips. Don't rely on one "sure thing," look for smaller options and work from there. You will understand the scene better once you have learned it. Stakes can then be raised.

Have a Budget - Starting small is essential, but so is having a budget. As a beginner, you should start with a smaller budget $60 (or a regional equivalent) and avoid placing large bets.

Watch matches - Learning how to play Rocket League is an important part of knowing how to bet. However, watching events is arguably more critical. Learning how certain sides deal with pressure, who’s on form, and how teams perform when offline or online.

Shop around for the best odds - Shopping around for the best odds is a no-brainer. If you see a bet you want to place, make sure you look around a variety of sites for the best market. While you might think one team is going to win a series 4 to 1. Some sites may not offer that level of specification. So you may be stuck with the more simple Match Winners markets.

Final Thoughts

Rocket League ticks a lot of the boxes. It’s a good game, that’s easy to understand. It’s popular across age groups and is growing year-on-year. The developers have continued to update the game and support the esports scene. A growing game also brings a growing market for opportunities. With its low barriers to entry, stable economy, and growing player base. The sky is the limit for this popular game.

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