eSports betting – The complete overview

Looking to bet on eSports? ➤ We cover 35 eSports ✚ 6 different esports betting companies. Get your bonus now ✅ is the best online resource for eSports gamblers. We provide an introduction to the different betting sites, eSport games and general sports betting concepts, terms and strategies. In addition to this we provide the resources (game specific guides and tools) to help you to take your eSportbetting to the next level.

Where can I place eSports bets?

There are several bookmakers / gambling companies / esports betting sites that accepts bets on different eSport games. They differ a lot in in their service offer, odds pricing and bonus offers. To get a better view of the active companies in the scene you should read up on each specific betting site in our reviews.

The reviews show you a rating based on eSports coverage, site security (in terms of size and age of the company as well as reputation), bonus-offers and odds (based on the payback offered / margin charged per bet, see our odds-explation).

Rank #1 for United States: ArcaneBet

We only show the bookmakers that accepts bets from players in the region / country you are visiting from. That means that if you are playing from a country which requires a licence from a specific governing body like the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, UKGC. You should only be shown eSports betting sites with an UK license.

Pure eSports-betting sites

The eSports boom opened the doors for new entrepreneurs, creating their own betting companies with strong focus on eSport. There are many of them and more are popping up every day. It is worth to mention that they might be a little less secure than the already well-known bookmakers, but they are usually well funded by VC firms which gives you safety as a customer.

Their product offers are usually stronger since they offer betting on all eSports and have great event and tournament coverage. Some of the best eSport nisched betting sites are Betspawn, Arcanebet and GG.Bet.

Big gambling companies with eSports

The well-known sportsbooks also noticed the strong interest for eSports-betting and the high audience numbers on twitch and other streaming sites. Some of them have put a lot of effort into building a great service for eSports enthusiasts and accepts bets on a lot of eSports. There are three of the established, well-known and experienced betting companies that stands out when it comes to accepting bets on eSports.

Betway eSports

The first one to notice is Betway eSports. They provide an excellent service and accepts bets on a lot of different games and covers most tournaments and events. Everything from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to Player Unknown BattleGrounds (PUBG). In addition to covering a lot of matches they also provide a live betting product.

They are also committed to giving back to the community which they showed recently by sponsoring the Swedish multi branch eSport organization Ninjas in Pyjamas (most known for their legacy CS 1.6 team with famous players like Heaton, Potti etc.)


10Bet is a large bookmaker with a lot of sports markets as well as casino and poker products. They entered the eSport market a couple of years ago. While they don’t have a super wide coverage when it comes to eSport games they still have great tournament / event-coverage of the eSports that they do accept bets on. Read our full 10bet eSports review.

Bet 365

Another giant within the industry that have adapted the eSports scene is Bet365 eSports. They are competitive in terms of Odds (they charge margins around 2-3% which is really good and high above the industry standard).

Which games can I bet on?

The games played as eSports are growing by each day. As long as there are gamers and enthusiasts playing and watching a game it has a potential for betting. The small titles don’t get the same event coverage but there are still betting on titles like Rocket League (RL), Street Fighter and Fifa.

Total game coverage

Bet on Starcraft II (SC2)
Bet on Smite
Bet on Call of Duty (CoD)
Bet on Heroes of the Storm (HotS)
Bet on Artifact
Bet on Magic The Gathering Arena (MtGA)
Bet on Quake Champions (QC)
Bet on Warcraft 3 (Wc3)
Bet on World of Tanks (WoT)
Bet on Halo 5: Guardians
Bet on Dota 2
Bet on League of Legends (LoL)
Bet on Hearthstone (HS)
Bet on Kings of Glory (王者荣耀) / Arena of Valor (AoV)
Bet on Crossfire (CF)
Bet on Rocket League (RL)
Bet on Vainglory (VG)
Bet on Clash Royale (CR)
Bet on Gears of War (Gears / GoW)
Bet on Heroes of Newerth (HoN)
Bet on Street Fighter (SFV)
Bet on Fifa
Bet on Rainbow Six (R6) Siege
Bet on NBA 2K
Bet on Mortal Kombat (MKX)
Bet on Playerunknown's battlegrounds (PUBG)
Bet on Super Smash Bros Melee (SSBM)
Bet on Team Fortress 2 (TF2)
Bet on Paladins
Bet on Apex Legends
Bet on Dragon Ball FighterZ (DBFZ)
Bet on Madden NFL
Bet on Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR)
Bet on Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO)
Bet on Overwatch (OW)

When it comes to size three games stands out the most though, and these are:

CS:GO Gambling

CS 1.6 as an eSport have evolved during the years and the latest version that have a large player base and community is CS-GO. With a lot of tournaments like the Majors, DreamHack and MLG Circuit events betting on CS-GO is more fun than ever. Read more at our CS:GO betting site.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 is Valves golden goose and an excellent game. The new major structure which removes some of the huge focus on The International and tries to distribute it more even over a serious of Major tournaments as well as a lot of Minor tournaments with the new point system is excellent for the viewers and professional bettors. Read more at our Dota 2 betting site.

Bet on League of Legends

Riot Games have taken a different path from Valve when it comes to controlling its franchise. Instead of letting entrepreneurs start their own ventures and events, RG wants to control most of the scene and teams themselves.

It’s hard to say if it effects the betting popularity for LoL, but it probably does in some way. Anyway, almost all the betting sites accepts LoL bets. Read more at our League of Legends betting site.

The upcomers

Gamble on Fortnite

It didn’t take long before PUBG got competition in the Battle Royale genre. Fortnites design might be more cartoon-like but the in-game building mechanics makes a great eSport environment and there will be opportunities to place bets on Fortnite for sure.

PUBG Betting

PUBG was a great addition to the First Person Shooter eSport scene which have been static for years with Counter-Strike as the sole serious eSport in the genre since Quake went out of favor years ago. The player base exploded quickly and there are now several big tournaments to bet on. Read more at our PUBG betting site.

Bet on Overwatch

Blizzard managed to secure their position as one of the strong eSports publishers with a FPS-title that’s great. We were worried that their days in the eSports scene was limited when SC II lost its audience base. Overwatch betting is now one of the most growing games to bet on and it got even more potential now with the new Overwatch League (OWL) franchise system.

eSports Bonuses

The bonus offers does not only differ between the different betting sites but also for players from different regions. Our reviews and bonus listings are optimized for showing you the offer for your country.


The betting companies usually have deposit bonuses if you are a new customer. By signing up an account with the betting site through and depositing money you will get the best available deposit bonus from that company for your region.

VIP / Loyalty bonuses

Some betting sites also offers loyalty programs or “regular bonuses” that you can claim as an already active customer. These bonuses are often limited by some kind of requirement on you as a customer.

Turnover requirements

These bonuses does rarely come without conditions and are usually limited by some requirements on you as a customer / player. One of the most common requirement is the turnover or wagering requirement which basically means that you have to use the bonus amount a number of times (by placing bets on eSport matches or other games like regular sports games, casino or poker). When you have done this enough number of times the bonus money becomes real money and is available to cash-out to your account by your preferred withdrawal option.

Different types of wagers

Real-money bets

The traditional way of betting. Deposit real money and cashout real money. Usually by placing bets on either 12 / 1x2 or outright lines (to-win). With real money we also count cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum or lite coin. If you want to bet with coins you should check out our Nitrogen eSports review, they are the best in the business.

Skin betting

Skin betting grew very popular with the skin betting companies like CSGO Lounge, CS-GO Jackpot and other Skin betting sites. A cool thing about skin gambling in that there are slot games for CS:GO. However, there have been a lot of controversy and scandals regarding some of these sites though, since they weren’t well regulated. So if you want to play slots online you are better of sticking to the real stuff.

Recently a new form of skin betting option has made its entrance into the betting community. It’s called SkinPay and allows you as a customer to deposit skins into your player account instead of real money. Actually, the skins are converted to real money by a bot (if you accept the trade it proposes).

Fantasy contests

Fantasy contests have similuraties to a poker tournament. You pay an entry fee to join a contest with a specific payout scheme for the total prizepool. This type of betting made its entrance in the US market to bypass the very restricting gambling rules that applied to the United States and its Territories. It started with companies like Alphadraft (a part of FanDuel), Vulcun and DraftKings but most of the services where shut down in an early stage. DraftKings still exists and are up and running though, but they only have fantasy betting for LoL.

Odds – a quick walkthrough

Odds are the prices that you get by placing money or skins on a match or event. Remember, they are the price, not the actual probability. Often, the odds are well priced and reflects the probability in an accurate way. When they aren't, there's a opportunity to find value and place winning bets.

The odds-format differs a bit from region to region. You can read more about the different formats below:

Decimal / European odds

European odds are called decimal odds which tells you what you will get back placing a bet (including your own money).

Example: NiP with odds at 2.1 vs NaVi with odds at 1.7

If you place $10 on NiP to win you will get paid $21 if they win.
Ten of these dollars where your own money to start with so the profit is $11 if you were skilled or lucky enough to win.

Fractional / UK odds

United Kingdom use fractional odds, which looks a bit different and only show you what profit you will make with your bet.

Example: NiP with odds at 11/10 vs NaVi with odds at 7/10.

If you place $10 on NiP to win you will get paid 11/10 * your bet = $11.
If you bet on NaVi and they win you get $7.

Lines / US odds

United States odds are called lines and are either positive or negative. Positive lines / numbers indicate how much profit you make if you bet $100. Negative Numbers indicates how much you must bet to make a $100 profit.

Example: NiP with line at +110 vs NaVi with line -143.

If you place $100 on NiP to win you will make a profit of $110.
To win $100 by betting on NaVi you must place a $143 bet.

Use our resources to improve your wagering results

Betting guides for eSports

We provide a general betting guide for all eSports which basic concepts of sports betting terms, strategies and concepts that you need to be aware of if you want to try to become a professional eSport-bettor.

In addition to this we have specific betting guides for each sport (we don’t cover all games yet as we simply don’t know each game professionally). But those that exist are a great read if you want to improve your gambling results.

Betting tracker

If you want to become a professional eSportsbettor you should really put time into improving betting strategy, put a lot of time into your research before placing your bets and track your results in either Excel or our Betting tracker. By doing this you can both learn from your past mistakes and see where you do good.

The betting tracker gives you a way to import or input your bets as well as filtering out parts of them into groups. You can then see stats like Profit, Return on Investment (ROI) and Standard Deviation to statistically see the significance of your betting history.

Margin / Payout calculators

It’s important to check what margins a bookmaker charge on a match or sport event. The margin is the cost that the bookmaker charges you for their service. Say they offer odds on a heads-up match (2 players or teams facing each other with no draw outcome) at 1.95 and 1.95. If they where paying back all money they would pay 2.0 and 2.0, but they never do that since they are a company that have costs and expects to make a profit).

At 1.95 vs 1.95 the bookmaker margin is 2.56% (which is low) and the payout of each $100 is $97,44. The industry standard for eSports odds are lower however, which means the companies usually more than ~3%.

To calculate what margins or payouts a betting site charges or offers, please use our odds-calculator. It also works good for 1X2-matches and outright-events (a team to win a tournament of 8 teams etc.).

Odds translator

Different betting sites uses different odds-formats. They usually offer a functionality for you to choose which format you want as your standard but sometimes they do not have this service. In those cases, you can use our odds translator which can translate odds from and to the following three formats: European Decimal Odds, American Odds Lines and United Kingdom’s Fractional Odds.

Odds comparison

When betting professionally it’s important to bet with different betting sites so you always get the best odds available for the match that you’ve researched. You can do this by using an eSports odds-comparison service. Ours is in development and will have a lot of nice features, be sure to sign up to get noticed by mail when it’s done.

Live-betting now available for many different eSports!

Live betting on eSports have been a dream for many enthusiasts for years. But for three years ago the dream is no longer a dream but simply reality. Many of the eSports focused bookmakers and large betting sites have CS:GO live-betting, Dota live-betting and LoL live-betting.

This allows you to place your bets while watching the game live at the arena (with your mobile phone) or home at your desktop computer while following the game at twitch.