Quake Champions (QC) betting

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bet-on-Quake Champions (QC)-eSport-betting Genre: First person shooter (FPS)
Format: 1v1 / 4v4
Publisher: id Software / Bethesda Softworks

Quake Champions is the latest Quake game since Quake 4 (which was released by id Software in 2004). Quake has a legendary but sometimes overlooked status in the western eSports world. It was one of the first FPS-games played in a competitive way, long before Counter-Strike.

A lot of players played the DM (death match) and CTF (capture the flag) game modes but there was also several big mods to the quake franchise that the eSports community embraced with joy. Mods like Team Fortress (TF), Rocket Arena (RA) and Urban Terror (UT).

Quake Champions as an eSport is certain. id Software & Bethesda Softworks will host a $1m dollar tournament this august together with ESL.

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