Kings of Glory (王者荣耀) / Arena of Valor (AoV) betting

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bet-on-Kings of Glory (王者荣耀) / Arena of Valor (AoV)-eSport-betting Genre: Mobile MoBA
Format: 5v5
Publisher: Tencent

Kings of Glory (KoG) or as its named in Chinese: 王者荣耀 is a relatively new (released in 2015) game and competitive eSport. It is a Chinese mobile game in the MoBA genre. Basically it's like LoL or Dota but on your smartphone. The game-play is 5 versus 5 where each player control one champion. The game is huge in China and have a lot of eSports events regularly which have led to that a lot of betting sites have started to offer markets for the game.

There is a western port available in English that is called Arena of Valor (AoV) which have also become very popular and has start to gain legitimacy as an eSport. In 2017 Nintento and Tencent closed a deal to port the game to Nintendo Switch.

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