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Publisher Ubisoft
Genre Tactical First Person Shooter
Format 5v5

Rainbow Six Siege (R6) is a tactical first-person shooter by Ubisoft. The game is an entry in the popular Tom Clancy series of video games, alongside the popular Rainbow Six series. Siege is a unique take on both, with team-based multiplayer at the game's core.

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Game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction
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Streamer: thunderwave8
Game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction
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Game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction
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Streamer: greg1232123212321
Game: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Extraction
Viewers: 0

How to bet on Rainbow Six (R6)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Rainbow Six (R6)

How is Rainbow Six Siege played?

The format of battle is a simple one on the surface for R6. Two teams of four face off in a game of attack and defend. Unlike games such as CS:GO, R6 slows down the initial gameplay and introduces it as a "planning phase". For defense, they’ll have to set up whatever objective they’re tasked with defending. That might mean setting up traps or reinforcing walls.

As for the attacking team, they’ll need to scope out the location with drones and cameras. Then, they’ll need to breach the location and secure the objective. This might mean claiming the hostage, defusing the bomb, or wiping out the defenders. Unlike many other games in this style, R6 puts the "good guys" in the role of the attackers.

R6 has gained momentum in recent years, mostly thanks to the popularity of its esports scene. The game has also received constant updates from the developers. This has come in the form of skins and cosmetics, but crucially new agents and maps.

Going forward, R6 looks like it's showing no signs of slowing, with the game recently getting a standalone co-op game. 2022 will see three new maps and cross-play finally added to the game. On top of that, the game will continue to see balance patches and improvements across the game.

Rainbow Six Siege betting markets

Outright result - Here, you’ll be betting on the overall winner of the game or series. This means it doesn’t matter what the score is, only that you get the final outcome correct.

Series winner - This is like the above, but instead, it will be focused on specific series victories. Here, you’ll need to predict the winner of a specific series.

Most kills - Simply look at who on a side looks like they’ll get the most kills and bet on them. Most teams will have a consistent top performer, so check out each of the side's match history.

Correct score - Like match winner, but a lot more specific. You’ll not only need to know the winner, but also the specific score of that map or series.

Map winner - Like the series winner above, this looks at specific maps within a series. So while you might suspect team X will win 3-1, here you can bet on when each team will win said round. So look out for teams that are strong on certain maps.

Tournament finalist - This is a slightly unique bet because it isn’t about predicting a winner. Rather, you’ll pick which side or sides will make up the Grand Final sides. This can also be done as an accumulator to predict both finalists.

Five reason to bet on Rainbow Six Siege

A growing scene - R6 is still a baby when it comes to esports. While it’s not moved into the bracket of "S tier" just yet, the popularity of the R6 majors has gone a long way in stabilizing the space. With no signs of slowing down just yet, R6 is in a great place.

Cross-platform - With R6 being on multiple platforms, the growth of the game is easy to see. With the PS5 and Series X updates bringing the game to another new audience, it’s a good sign.

Fast-paced gameplay - The gameplay of R6 is fast-paced, while still remaining tactical at its heart. With rounds changing as tactics are thought out, the "on the fly" nature of R6 is exciting to watch.

Strong esports scene - Thus far, the R6 esports scene looks to be going strong. With R6 majors bringing in strong viewership and esports teams becoming established. It’s easy to see why the scene is so attractive.

Smaller teams - R6 is a 4v4 team game. This slightly tighter squad structure means there’s more room for tactical play. Unlike games such as CSGO or Valorant, each side having one fewer player just makes things slightly harder to predict. However, with correct agents and good team play, both defenders and attackers have the tools to secure the bag.

Rainbow Six Siege betting tips

Learn the game - It’s something we mention every time, but it cannot be understated. Learning and knowing how to play the game will make you better at placing bets. If you understand the context of the bet, you’ll find it a lot easier to make on-the-fly calls about the game.

Know your history - it’s really important to look at the history of a team before placing a bet. How good are they with said agents or how do they perform on a certain map? Knowing this can give you the upper hand when it comes to going against the bookies.

Look at in-plays - Sometimes it’s best to wait before going head first into a bet. Maybe take a look at how a certain series is playing out first, or what agent each team has picked.

Start betting small - It’s never a good idea to bet everything all at once. Take your time, and learn how to bet slowly.

Set a budget - regardless of if you’re just starting or have years of experience. Having a budget is crucial to your success in the market. Start out with $50, then as you place larger bets move your budget accordingly

Cash-out - Gambling isn’t a stock market, make sure to take what you win from time to time. If you turn $50 into $150, take out the $100 and go again with the $50. If you leave it in your betting account, you might be prone to upping your budget.

Final Thoughts

To wrap up, R6 is in a great spot right now. A good mix of solid continued growth and a foundation of content and esports teams. R6 is primed for a strong future, and we expect the betting scene to follow a similar trajectory to the game itself.

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