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Publisher Activision
Genre First person shooter (FPS)
Format 4v4 / 5v5

Call of Duty (CoD) is one of the most popular First-Person Shooters ever released. Rising to mega levels of popularity with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. The series continued to climb and became one of esports and gaming's biggest titles. As for esports, CoD mostly operates within the Call of Duty League (CDL). A franchised global league featuring some of the biggest names in esports.

Call of Duty (CoD) Betting Sites

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Call of Duty (CoD) Live Streams

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How to bet on Call of Duty (CoD)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Call of Duty (CoD)

There are two very different worlds in which COD esports and betting compete. Each time there is a new title in the 5v5 competitive scene, the scene changes dramatically as a new developer leads the title. A weekend series will be played during the CDL's main season. These series are usually best-of-three or best-of-five, depending on the stage of the competition.

Warzone makes up the second key area to look at. The popular battle royale features many tournaments and opportunities to bet. Though, most of these events are hosted by third-party companies or top streamers.

The main focus of this article will be the main line Call of Duty scene since events and opportunities to place bets are more common in the main Call of Duty scene.

What types of CoD bets are there?

Tournament/event winners: Here, you’ll be placing a bet on the outright winner of an event. Be that a short weekend event or an entire league season. You’ll need to bet on who’s going to take the entire event and come out on top.

Match winner: Similar to the above, but on a match-by-match basis. With match winners, you’ll need to predict the winner of each match or map. This can lead to you having scope for multiple bets within a single series.

Series winner: Here, you’ll look to bet on which team will win a series or map. More often than not, this won’t require you to pick an exact match score. Rather, you’ll just need to pick which of the two sides will win.

Most kills or assists: A bet here will see you predict which player will have the most kills or assists at the end of the match. Here, you want to focus on players who can entry frag or play positions like point defense.

First kill: Here you’ll be looking to bet on what player or team will claim the first kill. The key here is to look at how aggressive a team attacks or the way a team defends.

Most Points on a team: similar to the above, this market looks at the highest total points earnt by a player. Players will earn points for a variety of reasons. Kills, assists or objective taking/holding.

Most used gun: This will test your map and team knowledge. You’ll be placing a bet on what weapon you think will get the most use across a map or series.

5 Reasons why it's exciting to bet on CoD

  • The culture of CoD gaming and esports has always been unique. The passion of those who play Call of Duty always spills out onto the stage. Any bet becomes more interesting with this element. Can the team handle the pressure of going behind?
  • In the esports community, it is one of the most popular games. As a result, you'll likely find a good selection of markets online.
  • It is all about the player and their loadout since the game has no class system. The game is similar to CS:GO as opposed to Overwatch or Valorant in that way.
  • The goal isn't just to plant bombs. Competitive esports in Call of Duty uses a mix of objectives. From bomb plantings to objective capture, there’s always something to spice up the game.
  • It has a frantic style, which means a game can turn on its head in an instant. It is possible for a side to be a point away from winning the map but still lose it.
  • With a new game every year, COD is always changing. One year, you can be playing and betting on a realistic modern shooter. The next, it’s back to WW2 or into the far future. Keeping the game fresh and exciting is one of the best aspects of each new title, which is why people look forward to each new release.

Tips for successful betting

Play the game: We can’t stress enough how important this is. Knowing the context around what you’re doing is key when it comes to placing bets.

CoD has a safe structure CoD has a fairly stable structure, though outside a few streamer's events almost all competitive esports is done "in-house". This provides some level of consistency around events, meaning you know what to expect from a CoD event.

Bet without bias: You will learn the game and the esports scene as you play. The team or player you like may not always be the best choice. Betting on a team because you support it isn't a good idea, even if you know more about them as a result. Don't let your heart guide your betting.

Simple to understand: On the face of it, CoD is an easy game to understand. The game is easier to understand with simple map layouts and real-world weapons and loadouts.

Be involved in the community: it’s important to understand the culture around a title. CoD is no exception to this rule, in fact, it might be the best example. With such a tight community around the title, being involved in the scene can help gauge the community reception of a series.

Start small, play smart: The best tip of all is to start small and play smart. Don’t go big on one "sure thing", look at smaller options and work from there. Once you’ve learned the scene and have a better understanding of it. Then you can place larger stakes.

Have a Budget: Just as it is important to start small, it is also important to have a budget. Depending on how experienced you are, you might want to start out with $50 (or something close to that amount) and try not to place too many large bets at once when you are just starting out.

Final thoughts

You can take the plunge as soon as you have a good understanding of what CoD is all about. Don't forget the tips we've given you, find a sportsbook that you're comfortable with, and place your bets according to your budget. Always remember to not bet money you can’t afford to lose. | 18+ | Contact us | ©2024 -