Hearthstone (HS) betting

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bet-on-Hearthstone (HS)-eSport-betting Genre: Digital Trading Card Game (Digital TCG)
Format: 1v1
Publisher: Activision Blizzard

Hearthstone is a new eSport inspired published by Activision Blizzard. The game is inspired by the cardgame Magic The Gathering. Hearthstone has gained a lot of momentum among eSports recently. The game is played one versus one and each player chose a hero and a deck constructed for that specific hero. The two players start with 30 life and the goal is to bring your opponent down to, or below 0 lives. In tournaments players often line up four constructed decks, ban one of the opponents, and then play until one of the players have no decks left.

There are also clan matches, where players line up three players with two decks each. And then send out their players to face the competition. If a player loses two times in a row, they get benched. And their decks cannot be used until later.

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Hearthstone differs a bit from the other eSports but the fundamentals are mostly the same. With hard work, an analytical mind and focus on the right parameters you can become a winning hearthstone bettor. But before you begin betting you should have a look at our Reviews page to make sure you start out with the eSport bookie that fits your current situation. If you’re just starting out, begin by grinding the different bonuses offered by the bookmakers.

After that, when you have built up a bankroll, you are probably best of at PinnacleSports where they usually offer the best odds. In addition to this you should create an account at our site to be sure that you don’t miss out any eSport tipster competition which gives you additional value to your eSport bets.

As mentioned in the other game-specific betting guides most professional bettors think they need information on a lot of crucial variables. However, several studies have shown that when they rank these variables and actually only get information on about 5-7 of the ones they ranked as the most important, they perform better than if they had all information.

With that said we at eSport betting have compiled a list of the most important aspects to analyze in a Hearthstone match-up to achieve great results.

You have to watch a lot of games (and preferable play a lot of games yourself) to keep up with the current meta-game and the professional players form on a day to day basis. It takes a lot of effort to achieve good results in Hearthstone betting. After you have acquired this base knowledge, you can use it to find value in odds that are miss priced by the bookies.

Professional Hearthstone are mainly about two things. Making good decks (that fits good into the meta game) and making good decisions in-game. This sounds easy but it’s not. In order to make good decks you have to know what decks are good versus other decks and in order to decide this you have to play a lot and keep statistics.

The second aspect of the game is making good in-game decisions. This comes down to math and probabilities. Often times you have the luxury to watch the professional players reason on stream, which should give you a good implication on how good they are. There is also an aspect about live tournaments and comfort zones. Are the pro in question used to playing big live events for big amounts of money? Will this make him or her to play his a-game or rather make mistakes they normally wouldn’t?

Remember, stats is very important! Track your bets in our betting tracker or excel and use the external resources of information available. There is a list of Hearthstone resources compiled for you below.