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Publisher Activision Blizzard
Genre Real-time strategy (RTS)
Format 1v1

StarCraft 2 is the popular sequel to StarCraft, which was released in 1998. When esports was still but a baby, StarCraft 2 was the main attraction. While StarCraft 2 never really blew up globally, it was easily the largest game in South Korea for over a decade. You’ll choose one of three factions, The Terran, Zerg, and Protoss. Players will build up an army and a base and try to defeat the other player. Battles are usually done in a 1v1 setting, though some show matches move to 2v2. The game is very similar to Blizzard’s other RTS offering, Warcraft 3.

Starcraft II (SC2) Betting Sites

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Starcraft II (SC2) Live Streams

Stream Starcraft II (SC2) matches & tournaments live!

Rogue / MaxPax / Classic / Ryung / YoungYakov - WardiTV Summer Bash Group B

Streamer: wardiii
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 1,602

Zerg Ladder and Pepega Tuesday !PlusGoal

Streamer: lamboking
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 458

[PL] WardiTV Summer Bash - cast: Indy - !LAN !harmonogram

Streamer: indystarcraft
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 268

RERUN: Oliveira vs. Serral - ESL SC2 Masters Spring 2024 Finals - Semifinals

Streamer: esl_sc2
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 172

Finally a ladder stream! Check out my new !video

Streamer: skilloussc2
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 108


Streamer: snakestyle1
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 57

🔥27 июля турнир по SC2 WOL

Streamer: zerg__gaming
Game: StarCraft II
Viewers: 51

How to bet on Starcraft II (SC2)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Starcraft II (SC2)

What is StarCraft 2?

StarCraft 2 is, without a doubt, the longest-running esport book on the market currently. At the same time,d it’s lost a lot of its glory in recent years, mostly due to the game being left to stagnate. StarCraft 2 still remains a major draw, especially around its major events. While we may not ever get a StarCraft 3, StarCraft 2 is still a worthy esports title with years left to run.

At a gameplay level. StarCraft 2 pits two teams against each other in a 1v1 fight. Teams pick one of the three factions blind and face off against each other. In a longer series, the winner of the previous match will pick their faction first, giving the other player the chance to counter-pick.

In some other formats, this is pre-agreed based on seeding. Games can vary in length, with pro games always conceding well before the Victory screen would normally show. It’s not common for cheese or rush tactics to be used in professional matches; however, they can be a cheeky way to get a win on the board.

How is StarCraft 2 as an Esports?

While StarCraft 2 doesn’t have the same level of events, it is used to. It is still a feature of major "mixed-esports" events. The most notable of those is the IEM events, where StarCraft 2 is one of the major draws. StarCraft 2 is still popular, with most events racking in 16-32 players per event, and the prize pools are still fairly high. A number of events in 2022 were offering over $100,000 per event, with IEM Katowice 2022 offering a cool $500,000.

As you can imagine, with that sort of cash up for grabs, betting on StarCraft 2 esports is still as popular as ever. While it’s not as large as some of Blizzard’s other titles, such as Overwatch, it is still, to this day, a massive deal.

StarCraft 2 betting guide

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Placing bets requires an understanding of the context of the game. StarCraft 2 is not an easy game, so it’s important to know what to do. You’ll also want to be careful how you bet. That comes in a number of forms: Depending on how experienced you are, you might want to start out with $50 (or something close to that amount) and try not to place too many large bets at once when you are just starting out. This way, you can start out small and work up.

At the same time, you also want to make sure you know what you’re betting on. We said above that you should play the game. However, watching the game is just as important. StarCraft 2 isn’t an easy game. While player A might always beat player B. If the faction matchup in this game favours player B, you might want to be careful.

Four reasons to bet on SC2

An esports classic - SC 2 is a true classic, and it’s like betting on the OG esports title.

Plenty of opportunities - StarCraft 2 is still a massively popular title, with hundreds of events a year, from Major to Minors. There are plenty of chances.

Tight community - With StarCraft 2 having a settled esports scene, the community around it is tight.

Frantic action, yet easy to watch - StarCraft is a game that can change in an instant. The incredible levels of macro and micro gameplay combine to make one of the most intense strategic esports in the scene. While it’s mesmarising to watch the speed they command armies; StarCraft is a surprisingly watchable experience.

Different ways to gamble on SC

Tournament/event winners – Choosing the outright winner of an event is what you're going to bet on here. It doesn't matter if it's a short weekend event or an entire IEM Major. You pick a player. You need them to win it

Series winner - This is where you bet on the winner of a series or map. In most cases, you won't need to pick an exact score. Pick which side will win instead of picking which side will lose.

Match winner – As above, but for each match. In match winners, you have to predict the winner of each match or map. As a result, you may be able to place multiple bets within the same series.

Final thoughts

StarCraft 2 is a bit of a sleeping giant. While Blizzard is not as keen to push it much anymore, those in esports still are. StarCraft 2 still has a future as a top esports title, and with events already coming in for the coming year, it looks like it won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If, and it’s a big if, we ever see a new title in the StarCraft series, maybe it can climb above CSGO and League of Legends and climb to the top. | 18+ | Contact us | ©2024 -