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The first betting opportunities are now live! GG.Bet have started to put out odds on Fortnite!

Fortnite Battle Royale is one of the new buzz games on Twitch together with Player Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG). A lot of gamers have gathered behind the game and its battle royale gameplay and cartoon look. You can play in teams and the main goal is to survive. To do that you need to find gear, hide and kill your opponents. As time progresses the map area shrinks and you run into your opponents more easily. The battle royale genre is really promising for eSpors and eSports betting. Epic games have announced that they will provide $100m to fortnite eSport tournaments during the first year of competitive play, this is huge!

The Best Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR) Betting Sites 2021

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Major Fortnite Battle Royale (FBR) Leagues, Tournaments & Events

Fortnite World Cup

The largest Fortnite tournament in history is live right now! The event started on the 26th of July and is expected to be fully played out at the 28th of July. The tournament has an amazing prize pool of 30 million US dollars split between the Duos and Solo branches of the event.

Fortnte World Cup Schedule

Friday, 26 July
Creative Finals Preshow - 18.30 CET
Creative Finals – 19.00 CET
Celebrity Pro-Am – 20.00 CET

Saturday, 27 July
Duos Finals Preshow - 18.30 CET
Duos Finals – 19.00 CET
Duos Finals Winners Ceremony - 20.45 CET

Sunday, 28 July
Solo Finals Preshow - 18.30 CET
Solo Finals – 19.00 CET
Solo Finals Winners Ceremony – 20.45 CET

Betting on Fortnite World Cup!

As usual, we at eSportbeting will show you where you can bet real money on the matches if you want to spice up the streaming experience. We’ve compiled the best list of eSports betting sites if you want to bet on the Fortnite World Cup!

We recommend that you go with one of the licensed eSports betting sites that we display. That way you know you're following the active legislations. It's also good if you spend a minute or two to compare the bookmaker margins between different bookmakers and compare the different bonuses they offer that you will be eligible for when placing your Fortnite world cup bets.

Other than that, just pick your favourite player, or whoever you think is going to win and place a bet! Goold luck!