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bet-on-Fifa-eSport-betting Genre: Sports
Format: 1v1
Publisher: Electronic Arts

Fifa is Electronic Arts soccer franchise which have been competing with other football games like Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) for years. The latest game in the series is Fifa 18 which is played on a high competitive level by a lot of people all around the world. Lately, EA has been trying to improve Fifas image as an eSport with some additional events and more price money. In 2018, Major League Gaming did add an own Fifa branch to their tournament events, which is great for Fifa players.

The game is usually played on console, 1v1. The game mechanics are like other soccer games, where you can perform skilled tactical decisions as well as in-game offensive and defensive plays.

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There is no professional betting guide available for Fifa yet. However if you want to place informed bets on Fifa it could be beneficial to read our general eSportsbetting guides.