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Publisher Electronic Arts
Genre Sports
Format 1v1 / team v team

The FIFA series is a popular football video game from publisher EA. The title is a key release for EA each year, especially in European markets, where it remains in the top sales charts until the next version is released. FIFA has a mix of modes and play styles for players to enjoy. From career modes to "Futsal" and the popular Ultimate Team mode. FIFA is a yearly phenomenon, with its new release hotly anticipated.

While the game has held that name for over 20 years now, that relationship with "FIFA" is coming to an end with FIFA 23. The game will thus be called EA Sports FC, but will otherwise retain all other licenses. While FIFA isn’t the only game in the genre, its competitor eFootball, previously known as PES, has never had the same allure. With exclusive rights to some of the World's biggest leagues, including La Liga and the Premier League. FIFA isn’t likely to go away any time soon.

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FIFA 22! Treinando! #2

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Game: FIFA 22
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How to bet on Fifa?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Fifa

What is FIFA esports?

FIFA as an esports takes palace exclusively within the game's "Ultimate Team" game mode. The mode is basically a card collecting game that lets you play as the "Ultimate Team" of those cards. Cards feature stats about a player, broken down into a number of simple stats. Though, those have deeper stats making up those numbers. While a player might have "95 pace", that’s an average of their Spring Speed and Acceleration stats. All those "hidden" stats can be seen by looking at the card's details information.

Once a team is selected and the bench is full, players will then play a game of FIFA online against another similarly skilled player. In previous years, a number of rules affected how your squad could be made up. The "chemistry" system looks at "links" between players, with no link making a gray line, 1 link making a yellow line and a green line coming with 2 links. Players are linked via their nationality, team, and league. This allowed players to mix and match leagues using the nationalities as a way to create "multi-league sides".

In FIFA 23, however, this system is going away, giving players much more selection of possible starting 11s. This is mostly being used to open up more possible players, with the current bias being towards Premier League and La Liga players or those from England, France, and Brazil, etc. While we don’t know how this will affect the meta going forward, it’s likely to open up more options for players, which should drive prices down.

Different ways to bet on FIFA

Tournament winner - A bet placed on who will win an overall esports event. Regardless of how many games they win or lose, providing they take home 1st place, you win.

Series winner - Series in FIFA are normally handled like a real home and away football fixtures. This is typically because of the cross-platform nature of FIFA esports. This means each player must play on their home console and on their opponent's console. With the two results tallied up to an "aggregate score". Some tournaments will also opt for an away goal rule, meaning that if the score is tied, the team who scored the most away goals would win.

Match winner - A simple bet placed on which of the two players will win a given game. Either a one-off or part of a larger series.

Most goals - like a "Golden Boot" award in football, FIFA often has a similar award. This market will see you place a bet on which team/player will score the most goals.

Why fifa betting is fun

Simple to understand - FIFA is simply the easiest esport to follow because at its core it’s just football. While the games are a lot shorter (just 6 minutes a half) FIFA doesn’t differ from real football outside of AI deciding what’s a foul or not.

Endless potential - The fact FIFA is just digital football, it makes it a great jumping-off point for traditional sports bookies getting into esports. In theory, that means a wider market of possibilities for you to place bets on.

Yearly refresh - With FIFA, every year a new game will release, which means the game gets a freshen up. More people join the scene and the game pushes forward. While the updates are often minor, Ultimate Team is normally the mode to get the most attention.

Evolving Meta - The FIFA meta can shift from week to week with each "Team of the Week" release. With special cards released during the real football season, things can change quickly.

FIFA betting tips

Watching Pro events - You can improve your betting skills by watching how professional players play and act during games. For FIFA, this will come in the form of lineups and formations. What players are they using and how are they utilizing their subs to impact the game.

Pre-event research - FIFA is a game where the meta can shift with each weeks "Team of the Week" or special card releases. Maybe an exciting Premier League winner is given a 95 Pace boost, or a midfielder is given a huge free-kick boost. Regardless, monitoring the meta is important and easy to do.

Play the game - A note on this tip. Playing FIFA as an esports will require you to play Ultimate Team. It’s worth noting that, this might be one of the most costly esports to be involved in. While games such as LoL or CS:GO are all but free to play, FIFA is not. There’s a $60 purchase to think about first. While Ultimate Team doesn’t cost any extra money, pro players often spend between $1000 and $5000 a year just to be able to compete.

Be careful of the pack trap - More on the above, be very careful of the pack trap in FIFA. You’ll never have the team the pros have, and trying to chase that is fruitless. You can play Ultimate Team "F2P", however, the game is not built at all for that to be competitive. So be very careful with how you approach FIFA.

Fifa wrap up

FIFA is a great emerging esports betting market, and with its increased popularity and increasingly young crowd, FIFA is here to stay. The key will be if the betting markets grow with it, which as of right now looks to be the case. | 18+ | Contact us | ©2024 -