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Publisher Activision Blizzard
Genre RTS
Format 1v1

Warcraft 3 is the third, and for now, the final game in the popular RTS franchise. While it was remade with Warcraft 3: Reforged, that entire situation caused the game to face even more setbacks. With the release not being the revival, Blizzard had wanted. Sadly, the game has been in a weird state after two years and very few patches. That said, the game still lives on via its community, who have been the main reason the title has survived.

The game itself is very similar to Blizzard’s other RTS offering, StarCraft 2. Players will build up an army and a base and try to defeat the other player. Battles are usually done in a 1v1 setting, though some show matches move to 2v2. The game has two factions, Alliance and Horde, with two armies in each. For the Alliance, you have the Humans and the Night Elfs. For Horde, they have Orcs and Undead. Each faction has a number of other lesser factions within them. For Orcs, that means Trolls, and for Humans, that means Dwarfs, etc.

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Warcraft 3 (Wc3) Live Streams

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How to bet on Warcraft 3 (Wc3)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on Warcraft 3 (Wc3)

What is Warcraft 3 (Wc3)

While by no means the first RTS, Warcraft is up there as one of the most important. The series started back in 1994, but it was Warcraft 3, released in 2002, that changed the game. Alongside the likes of Age of Empires, Command and Conquer, and Red Alert. Warcraft 3 was one of the staple RTS titles. At a gameplay level. Warcraft 3 faces off two teams against each other in a 1v1 duel. Players pick one of the four armies, and battle over the course of 15-20 minute games. The game is also incredibly popular for its custom game modes. Famously, these maps spawned the DOTA game mode, which would go on to become standalone titles such as Dota 2 and LoL

While it never blew up as an esports as StarCraft 2 did, Warcraft 3 arguably had the larger significance in the gaming space. While we saw a fleeting revival of the game via a remake in 2020, the game received poor overall reception and has been all but abandoned ever since. Warcraft 3 did, however, spawn World of Warcraft, arguably the most popular MMORPG ever made.

What is Warcraft 3 Esports?

Unlike StarCraft 2, the Warcraft 3 esports scene is a much quieter affair. Though, in 2022 the game did get four major tournaments. Sadly, the prize pools are now much lower, and it appears the title has been dropped from the DreamHack pool of titles going forward. However, there is still a future for Warcraft 3, as it got another update in 2022, and the merger with Microsoft will likely see the game come to Game Pass.

Warcraft 3 betting tips

The importance of this cannot be overstated. Placing bets requires an understanding of the context of the game. While easy to understand, Warcraft 3 is not an easy game to master. As you gain experience, you can increase the volume of bets that you place. Depending on how experienced you are, you might want to start with $50 (or something close to that amount) and try not to place too many large bets at once when you are just starting out. This way, you can start out small and work up.

At the same time, you also want to make sure you know what you’re betting on. We said above that you should play the game. However, watching the game is just as important. While there isn’t a plethora of tournaments, you can watch years of content on YouTube, which can give you an instant deep dive into how the core game works. Obviously, metas evolve, so you need to keep an eye on that. Warcraft 3 does, however, have a competitive ladder system in the game, so make sure you check out what current top players are doing.

Reasons to bet on Warcraft 3

A true classic - Warcraft 3 is a classic title, and while its best days are behind it, there’s still life in the old dog yet.

Tight community - Warcraft 3 is still popular within its community, and while the reforged title caused many to leave, the game still has a core player base.

Frantic action, yet easy to watch - Warcraft is a game that can change in an instant. While not of the level of micro that we see in StarCraft 2, you’ll need to juggle your Hero units and utilize their powers to achieve success.

Types of Warcraft 3 bets

Tournament/event winners – Choosing the outright winner of an event is what you're going to bet on here. It doesn't matter if it's a short weekend event or an entire event. You pick a player. You need them to win it.

Series winner - This is where you bet on the winner of a series or map. In most cases, you won't need to pick an exact score. Pick which side will win instead of picking which side will lose.

Match winner – As above, but for each match. In match winners, you have to predict the winner of each match or map. As a result, you may be able to place multiple bets within the same series.

Final Thoughts on WC3

Warcraft 3 is a great example of a hidden gem. While you won’t want to have it as the only esports, you bet on. There’s a title worth caring about here. While we might never see a new game in the series, the game does seem to have a future. In 2022 a new team within Blizzard was assigned to the project, as la+dder play was finally added to the title. It might be too little too late. However, it’s a title well worth keeping an eye out for.

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