Clash Royale (CR) betting

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bet-on-Clash Royale (CR)-eSport-betting Genre: Mobile tower defense
Format: 1v1
Publisher: Supercell

Clash Royale is a game that have become very popular in both Asia and Europe. It's a combination between a tower-defense / lane pushing game and a card game. The game is played on mobile devices and available for iOS and Android.

The basics of the game consists of collecting and leveling up cards, both spells and creatures / troops. Before starting a game you build your deck of these cards. CR is played in real-time and you deploy troops on two different lanes to push the enemy towers. Spells can be casted all over the map. These cards cost mana to play which refreshes over time. Overall the game got some serious and deep mechanics which makes it a good eSport for mobile players.

Clash Royale has gained additional legitimacy since ESL and Redbull got involved in the eSport.

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