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Publisher Riot Games
Genre Multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA)
Format 5v5

Legue of Legends or LoL is a MOBA game published by Riot Games and is the eSports game which has the most players. The MOBA-game genre origins from the custom map Defender of the Ancients for Warcraft 3. Since then a lot of MOBA games have been developed and played and League of legends are currently the biggest in its genre.
The game is played between two teams of five players each. Each player controls their own champion with its own economy and champion specific abilities. A team wins by killing the other teams' nexus (which is a specific building). To achieve this the players need to gather resources, experience and items for their champions so they gain an edge versus the other team.

League of Legends (LoL) Betting Sites

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18+ | terms & conditions apply | this is an ad | gamble responsible
18+ | terms & conditions apply | this is an ad | gamble responsible
18+ | terms & conditions apply | this is an ad | gamble responsible

League of Legends (LoL) Live Streams

Stream League of Legends (LoL) matches & tournaments live!

FRIDAY day dine summer wind sky PLANE !! fast movement speed quick agile . good yes . NICE DO WORKED ... ugh .. HARDER JOBBED WORLD ! STRONG

Streamer: loltyler1
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 21,372

서새봄] 행수야 일어나야지~ 오늘부터 롤 쭉달립니다아~

Streamer: saddummy
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 6,631


Streamer: titanlol1
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 5,770

1부 롤 2부 12 시 좀보이드 합방

Streamer: rkdthdus930
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 3,996

Playing perfectly, but only winning 20% of my games

Streamer: rush
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 3,770

BAITEADO🍀La Comarca🍀!bcgame

Streamer: duendepablo
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 3,002

Quieres un sorteito owo? y unos besos

Streamer: crystalmolly
Game: League of Legends
Viewers: 2,589

How to bet on League of Legends (LoL)?

Tips, tricks and tools for betting on League of Legends (LoL)

Hard work and a lot of research are required to become a winning bettor. eSport Betting eu have written this short guide to help you in your journey of becoming a successful League of Legends bettor. It is crucial that you bet at the right bookmakers after your preferences. If you are just starting out you might want to bet at the bookmaker with the best bonuses. But when you get ahead and start winning a lot it is often best to go with the bookmaker with the best odds (lowest margin). To find the right bookmaker (see odds and bonuses), please visit our Reviews page.
Professional bettors (of all different kinds of sports) can often list a lot of important information variables before an event. The concept of “more information, better decisions” sounds logical. However, many different studies have shown that bettors achieve the best results when they get information on a reasonable number of the most important variables. It looks like too much information can confuse the professional. With that said we at eSport Betting eu have compiled a list of the information, we find most important to have before betting on a League of Legends event.
Becoming successful at League of Legends betting does not differ from other eSports. It is crucial to watch a lot of live games, VODs and replays. The more you know about the game the better. Keeping up with the current meta-game is super important as different strategies and heroes vary in popularity and strength over time. You should use your knowledge about the LoL meta-game as a base to find mispriced odds at the different eSports bookmakers.
New patches might give you an opportunity to bet against a strong favourite team that has one or more key players who recently only rotated between two or three heroes. If these heroes have been nerfed in the latest patch, this might give you an opportunity to make a buck.
It is also very important to know what kind of strategies the different teams favour. Some are very object-oriented, other teams gank and rotate a lot. Teams often have a preferred game plan that they execute better than others. Normally, the more versatile a team can perform in form of strategies the better. As with the other MOBA esports, drafting is very important. A good captain or drafter often makes a really big difference.
However, the value is not in predicting the winning team all the time. The value is found in finding a team that can perform and win more often than the odds the eSports bookmakers are offering. A good rule of thumb is to make your own prediction of the odds or win percentage before looking at the odds. This is a very good exercise even if you’re not betting real money on a match or event because you still get the experience!
Remember, stats are very important! Track your bets in a betting tracker or excel and use the external resources of information available.
There is a list of League of Legends resources compiled for you below:

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