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Hi, I just want to inform you that PinnacleSports will offer live betting on Starcraft2! This is a huge step for the eSports development and I hope you the best of luck in the betting! I will list the events with livebetting offered by PinnacleSports below:

Quarterfinals through to the Final of GSL October beginning October 11th
Championship matches for MLG Orlando Sunday October 16th
Championship matches for MLG Providence November 18th-20th
DreamHack Winter November 24th-27th

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Hi, Here comes a list of upcoming starcraft2 tournaments that pinnaclesports will be offering odds on. I hope the betting goes well for you!

HomeStoryCup III (Group stage + Playoffs) -
June 23 – June 26

GSTL – Global SC2 Team League
June 23 – October 7

GSL – Global SC2 League (Code S + Code A)
June 27 – July 30

NASL – The offline playoffs
July 8 – July 10

Torneo ESL Starcraft 2 –
July 14 – July 17

MLG Anaheim – (broken)
July 29 – July 31

FXOpen King of the Hill -
Date – TBA

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The GSL season 3 final is coming up! The match between the two finalists oGsMC and TSL_Rain will take place on Saturday at 9.00 CET. The game format is best of seven. You can watch the game at GomTV’s Stream as usual.

Odds offered by XLBet:

oGsMC (P) 1.37 vs 2.90 TSL_Rain (T)
Maps: Delta Quadrant, Lost Temple, Xel’Naga Caverns, Steppes of War, Jungle Basin, Blistering Sands, Metalopolis

XLBet allso offers odds on correct score, handicap, winner first map.

Odds offered by Pinnaclesports:

oGsMC (P) 1.418 vs 3.000 TSL_Rain (T)

Pinnaclesports odds might change quicker than XLBet if they recieve a lot of bets.

I wish you the best of luck.

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