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Hi, I just want to inform you that PinnacleSports will offer live betting on Starcraft2! This is a huge step for the eSports development and I hope you the best of luck in the betting! I will list the events with livebetting offered by PinnacleSports below:

Quarterfinals through to the Final of GSL October beginning October 11th
Championship matches for MLG Orlando Sunday October 16th
Championship matches for MLG Providence November 18th-20th
DreamHack Winter November 24th-27th

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Hi, Here comes a list of upcoming starcraft2 tournaments that pinnaclesports will be offering odds on. I hope the betting goes well for you!

HomeStoryCup III (Group stage + Playoffs) -
June 23 – June 26

GSTL – Global SC2 Team League
June 23 – October 7

GSL – Global SC2 League (Code S + Code A)
June 27 – July 30

NASL – The offline playoffs
July 8 – July 10

Torneo ESL Starcraft 2 –
July 14 – July 17

MLG Anaheim – (broken)
July 29 – July 31

FXOpen King of the Hill -
Date – TBA

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The GSL season 3 final is coming up! The match between the two finalists oGsMC and TSL_Rain will take place on Saturday at 9.00 CET. The game format is best of seven. You can watch the game at GomTV’s Stream as usual.

Odds offered by XLBet:

oGsMC (P) 1.37 vs 2.90 TSL_Rain (T)
Maps: Delta Quadrant, Lost Temple, Xel’Naga Caverns, Steppes of War, Jungle Basin, Blistering Sands, Metalopolis

XLBet allso offers odds on correct score, handicap, winner first map.

Odds offered by Pinnaclesports:

oGsMC (P) 1.418 vs 3.000 TSL_Rain (T)

Pinnaclesports odds might change quicker than XLBet if they recieve a lot of bets.

I wish you the best of luck.

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For you who’ve been following the latest GSL seasons know that GomTV (Blizzard and Gretech) has planned some changes for next year. They have during the last three seasons classified players into groups different groups. The most valued rank is “Code S” and the next most valued group is “Code A”. The players in those different groups will during the next year have invites to the tournaments hosted by GomTV. You can lists for both code S and code A classed players below:

GomTVs list of “code S” players
GomTVs list of “code A” players + qualifiers

A positive thing with this new changed system is that four spots in the “Code A” group is held for top non-korean professionals that have won a big event recently or shown extraordinary promise. This is a very good initiative from GomTV since it will support the fans with more non-korean players in future GSL tournaments. So far Idra and Jinro are the only non-korean code S players. Loner are classed as code A already and Ret will have to play decision matches for his code A classification.

I hope you find this information valuable and feel free to ask any questions!

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GSL semifinals starts today with TSL_Rain vs HongUnPrime played today at 11.00 CET and oGsMC vs LiquidJinro tomorrow at 11.00 CET. You can watch both games live for free at the GomTV stream.

XLBet offers odds on both semifinals:

9 Dec 2010 – 11.00 CET
TSL_Rain(T) 2.30 vs 1.57 HongUnPrime(P)
Maps: Metalopolis, Xel’Naga Caverns, Lost Temple, Delta Quadrant, Scrap Station, Blistering Sands, Steppes of War

10 Dec 2010 – 11.00 CET
oGsMC(P) 1.30 vs 3.30 LiquidJinro(T)
Maps: Steppes of War, Xel’Naga Caverns, Shakuras Plateau, Jungle Basin, Metalopolis, Scrap Station, Lost Temple

Best of luck!

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