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Hi, I’m sorry I’ve been inactive for a couple of days. It’s soon christmas and all so that have been time consuming for me.

For you who are a customer on XLBet like me you probably been scared that the site is down. I am too and I’m afraid XLBet might have some financial problems. I hope everyone get their money back but nothing is guaranteed in these situation I guess. This is a very sad day for the eSports scene.

I do not recommend anyone starting an account on XLBet until this is cleared (if it ever will be?). However I really hope that Pinnaclesports (who is a really big and trusted bookie) continues to offer odds on Starcraft2 matches. I’m still uncertain about this since their odds where very close to XLBets. I think they either hired the same guy to balance the odds or ripped XLBets odds. However it would be very sad for eSports if no trusted, realmoney betting site existed.

I hope we all get back our money and I’ll keep you updated about the issue from this site.

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