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The group stage of MLG Major Championship - Columbus is soon over. Many of the famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams have battled it out to take a spot in the playoffs. With an astonishing $500k first prize the teams are all putting in their maximum effort to claim the championship title. Below is a snapshot of the group standings to this time:

Group A
1. Luminosity Gaming 1-0 16-13 +3 3p
2. Ninjas in Pyjamas 1-0 19-17 +2 3p
3. Mousesports 1-1 44-44 0 3p
4. FlipSid3 Tactics 0-2 45-50 -5 0p

Group B
1. Fnatic 1-0 16-5 +11 3p
2. Team Liquid 1-0 16-11 +5 3p
3. FaZe Clan 1-1 27-19 +8 3p
4. Splyce 0-2 8-32 -24 0p

Group C
1. Counter Logic Gaming 1-0 16-8 +8 3p
2. Astralis 1-0 16-10 +6 3p
3. Gambit Gaming 1-1 26-29 -3 3p
4. Team EnVyUs 0-2 21-32 -11 0p

Group D
1. 1-0 16-1 +15 3p
2. Natus Vincere 1-0 16-9 +7 3p
3. Cloud9 0-1 9-16 -7 0p
4. G2 Esports 0-1 1-16 -15 0p

Betting is as usual available at a lot of different bookmakers, read the reviews and claim your special eSports bonus at our reviews page.

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One of the biggest eSports events of the year, League of Legends 2015 World Championship (LoL 2015 WCS) started today. The total prize money amounts to approximately $2 130 000 with a first prize of one million dollars.

The tournament is divided into both group and a tournament stage. The group play started today and will be played on the first to the fourth October, the teams will then get a break and continue the group play on the eight to the eleventh October. The tournaments group play stage is played in Paris. A list of teams qualified for the tournament is located at the bottom of this post.

After the group stage the tournament quarter-finals will be played at 15-18 Oct, semi-finals at 24-25 Oct and then the grand final at the last day of October, the 31st.

Expectations and odds

The Korean team SK Telecom T1 are the favorite to win the tournament with a pretty low odds at 2.1 times the money. The team with the next lowest odds to win are the Chinese team LGD Gaming at 5 times the money, behind them is the European team Fnatic at 13.

As you probably already know, the more odds the bookmakers offer, the better for you since you dont have to bet at all the matches. Just pick the ones that are misspriced, and use your edge to win some money. The best odds are often offered by PinnacleSports. New competition has arisen in the eSports betting market the last months though and both Betsafe and William Hill are good bookmakers. To see the full bookmaker lists and see what bonuses they offer make sure to visit our reviews page.

If you're american or into the fantasy betting instead you can always join Vulcun or Alphadraft to make a fantasy team and join LoL 2015 WCS tournaments to compete against other eSports fanatics. Just make sure your picks are good! If you're going through this site you will also get nice deposit bonuses (fantasy betting bonuses).

Teams qualified - Europe

Teams qualified - North America
Counter Logic Gaming
Team SoloMid

Teams qualified - Korea
SK Telecom T1
KOO Tigers
kt Rolster

Teams qualified - China

LGD Gaming
Edward Gaming
Invictus Gaming

Teams qualified - Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macau
ahq e-Sports Club
yoe Flash Wolves

Teams qualified - Wildcard Regions
Bangkok Titans
paiN Gaming

Best of luck betting!

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Valves Dota 2 tournament The International 2015 has begun, and the prize pool is a stunning 17,6 million dollars, with a first prize of 6.3 million for the winning team. With the play-in matches played at Sunday, CDEC and MVP Hot6 made their way into the group stage. In the two groups we can find Team Secret, the tournament favorite team in Group A battling it out with legend teams like LGD, iG and NaVi.

The group stage is a best of 2 format between two teams in the group. The winner can either win,draw or lose the best of 2 to get 3, 1 or 0 points in the group for each given match. The groupstage will decide which teams ends up in the winner or loser bracket and what seeds they get.

After three days of group stage matches the standings are as follows in the two groups:

Group A

1. LGD Gaming LGD Gaming 3-1-0 7-1 10p
1. Team Secret Team Secret 3-1-0 7-1 10p
3. CompLexity Gaming compLexity Gaming 2-1-1 5-3 7p
4. Cloud9 Cloud9 1-1-2 3-5 4p
5. Fnatic Fnatic 0-3-1 3-5 3p
5. Invictus Gaming Invictus Gaming 0-3-1 3-5 3p
7. MVP/MVP Phoenix MVP Phoenix 0-2-2 2-6 2p
7. Natus Vincere/Natus Vincere Natus Vincere 0-2-2 2-6 2p

Group B

1. Evil Geniuses Evil Geniuses 2-2-0 6-2 8p
2. CDEC Gaming CDEC Gaming 2-0-1 4-2 6p
3. 1-2-1 4-4 5p
3. Vici Gaming Vici Gaming 1-2-1 4-4 5p
5. Team Empire Team Empire 1-1-2 3-5 4p
6. Newbee Newbee 0-3-0 3-3 3p
6. EHOME EHOME 0-3-0 3-3 3p
8. MVP/MVP HOT6ix MVP HOT6ix 0-1-2 1-5 1p

After the group stage a cup format will follow, where the winner of TI5 is decided. These matches are played between the 3rd and 8th of August. You can watch the matches on Twitch or at our eSports-TV section.

The International Betting:

All of the eSports bookmakers host odds on The International 5. If you are looking for the best odds, check out Pinnacle Sports. Betway eSports is another real good bookmaker that offers up to a 50$ bonus on your first deposit.

Best of luck in your The international 2015 adventures.

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One of the largest bookmakers, Pinnaclesports are about to pass an historic milestone. The bookmaker was one of the first to offer betting on eSport matches.

It started out as an experiment in 2010 and as games like Starcraft II, Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Hearthstone grew in popularity, the experiment became permanent. Pinnacle reports that the eSport market have doubled in size for them for four consecutive years.

They are now about to reach an historic milestone of one million eSport bets. This makes the eSport market Pinnacles seventh biggest market in terms of volume, exceeding sports like golf and rugby.

They are celebrating the successful experiment together with their bettors, with a 1 millionth eSports bet giveaway, rewarding milestone bettors with cash prizes and gaming gear. Below is the reported prize schedule for the event:

990,000thAlready won08/12 06:38:28 PT
992,000thAlready won10/12 07:59:30 PT
994,000th$250 plus Mouse & Mouse Mat
996,000th$500 plus Keyboard
998,000th$1,000 plus Headphones
1,000,000th$2,000 plus Gaming Chair

Gaming prizes
  • Razer Mouse & Mouse Mat
  • Corsair Vengeance K95 Keyboard
  • Sennheiser G4ME ONE Headphones
  • DXRacer Gaming Chair

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Starcraft 2 events:

1) SK Telecom Proleague
December 29 – August 9

2) 2014 GSL Season 2
April 9 – June 28

3) World Championship Series: Europe
January 21 – April 13

4) World Championship Series: America
January 21 – April 11

5) 2014 GSL Global Championship
April 19 – April 26

6) DreamHack Open: Bucharest
April 26 – April 27

Dota 2 events:

1) Star Ladder Star Series Season 9
March 5 – April 20

2) ASUS ROG DreamLeague Season 1
March 3 – June 16

3) WPC 2014
March 29 – June 2

4) Dota 2 Champions League
Date: 9 February – TBD

5) joinDota League
January 26 – TBD

6) Moscow Cup
March 29 – May 18

7) HyperX Dota 2 League
April 1 – TBD

League of Legends events:

1) Championship Series: Europe
January 14 – August 17

2) Championship Series: North America
January 17 – August 31

3) Garena Premier League – Spring
February 12 – TBD

4) SK Telecom LTE-A LoL Masters 2014
February 13 – June 10

5) Tencent LoL Proleague
February 22 – May 25

6) OGN The Champions
March 12 – TBD

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Hi, I just want to inform you that PinnacleSports will offer live betting on Starcraft2! This is a huge step for the eSports development and I hope you the best of luck in the betting! I will list the events with livebetting offered by PinnacleSports below:

Quarterfinals through to the Final of GSL October beginning October 11th
Championship matches for MLG Orlando Sunday October 16th
Championship matches for MLG Providence November 18th-20th
DreamHack Winter November 24th-27th

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Hi, Here comes a list of upcoming starcraft2 tournaments that pinnaclesports will be offering odds on. I hope the betting goes well for you!

HomeStoryCup III (Group stage + Playoffs) -
June 23 – June 26

GSTL – Global SC2 Team League
June 23 – October 7

GSL – Global SC2 League (Code S + Code A)
June 27 – July 30

NASL – The offline playoffs
July 8 – July 10

Torneo ESL Starcraft 2 –
July 14 – July 17

MLG Anaheim – (broken)
July 29 – July 31

FXOpen King of the Hill -
Date – TBA

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Hi, was a while since I wrote and I just want to tell you that I have a funny suprise for all you who like the story about tasteless friend “the piratebird”. For you who don’t know the story I recommend checking the gstl2 videoclip below.

I hope you love the story as much as I do and keep tuned for sundays suprise!

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I just recieved a email from XLBet that follows like this:

“Dear XLBet Client,

We are sorry to inform that XLBet has been forced to close down its business with imediate effect.

For a while we have known that we would need more capital into our company in order to keep building our product and despite almost reaching point of “break even” this fall, we haven’t succeeded in raising the necessary funds to cover the old losses and the costs connected to our new platform, and thus we have decided to close down our business before even more people got economically involved.

We regret that some clients are left frustrated with money on their betting accounts, but we are working on several solutions securing some of the player funds.

We also would like to appologize for the delayed information about the closure, but we would have prefered to get more info about above subject before we released the sad news.

That was not possible, so we will give further information by email when relevant as soon as possible, but until that please understand that any pay out request will be left pending and that any support service has to be closed down.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences brought on you by this, but hope you understand that we have done everything possible to avoid this situation and keep on offering E-Sports betting, Poker and Casino for you.”

I Hope that all customers get their money back. I’m not that positive about it but we may get some of our money back.

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Ygosu sc2 pro invitational is an korean starcraft2 invite tournament with 16 korean pro players. The groupstage in ygosu sc2 pro invitational will take place tommorow at 11.00 CET. Each player will play three best of one matches against players in their own group.

You can find the groupstage matches with map info as well as odds offered by XLBet below:

TSL_FruitDealer (Z) 1.47 vs 2.55 OxfOu (T)
Map: Xel’Naga Caverns

CheckPrime (Z) 1.95 vs 1.80 ST_Virus (T)
Map: Shakuras Plateau

TSL_FruitDealer (Z) 1.75 vs 2.00 CheckPrime (Z)
Map: Metalopolis

OxfOu (T) 2.60 vs 1.45 ST_Virus (T)
Map: Jungle Basin

TSL_FruitDealer (Z) 1.90 vs 1.85 ST_Virus (T)
Map: Metalopolis

CheckPrime (Z) 1.50 vs 2.45 OxfOu (T)
Map: Lost Temple

TSL_sSKS (P) 1.60 vs 2.25 KyrixZenith (Z)
Map: Xel’Naga Caverns

HannibalPrime (T) 1.90 vs 1.85 IMGanZi (T)
Map: Shakuras Plateau

TSL_sSKS (P) 1.57 vs 2.30 HannibalPrime (T)
Map: Metalopolis

KyrixZenith (Z) 1.87 vs 1.87 IMGanzi (T)
Map: Jungle Basin

TSL_sSKS (P) 1.60 vs 2.25 IMGanzi (T)
Map: Metalopolis

KyrixZenith (Z) 1.85 vs 1.90 HannibalPrime (T)
Map: Lost Temple

Best of luck!

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Hi, I’m sorry I’ve been inactive for a couple of days. It’s soon christmas and all so that have been time consuming for me.

For you who are a customer on XLBet like me you probably been scared that the site is down. I am too and I’m afraid XLBet might have some financial problems. I hope everyone get their money back but nothing is guaranteed in these situation I guess. This is a very sad day for the eSports scene.

I do not recommend anyone starting an account on XLBet until this is cleared (if it ever will be?). However I really hope that Pinnaclesports (who is a really big and trusted bookie) continues to offer odds on Starcraft2 matches. I’m still uncertain about this since their odds where very close to XLBets. I think they either hired the same guy to balance the odds or ripped XLBets odds. However it would be very sad for eSports if no trusted, realmoney betting site existed.

I hope we all get back our money and I’ll keep you updated about the issue from this site.

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The GSL season 3 final is coming up! The match between the two finalists oGsMC and TSL_Rain will take place on Saturday at 9.00 CET. The game format is best of seven. You can watch the game at GomTV’s Stream as usual.

Odds offered by XLBet:

oGsMC (P) 1.37 vs 2.90 TSL_Rain (T)
Maps: Delta Quadrant, Lost Temple, Xel’Naga Caverns, Steppes of War, Jungle Basin, Blistering Sands, Metalopolis

XLBet allso offers odds on correct score, handicap, winner first map.

Odds offered by Pinnaclesports:

oGsMC (P) 1.418 vs 3.000 TSL_Rain (T)

Pinnaclesports odds might change quicker than XLBet if they recieve a lot of bets.

I wish you the best of luck.

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For you who’ve been following the latest GSL seasons know that GomTV (Blizzard and Gretech) has planned some changes for next year. They have during the last three seasons classified players into groups different groups. The most valued rank is “Code S” and the next most valued group is “Code A”. The players in those different groups will during the next year have invites to the tournaments hosted by GomTV. You can lists for both code S and code A classed players below:

GomTVs list of “code S” players
GomTVs list of “code A” players + qualifiers

A positive thing with this new changed system is that four spots in the “Code A” group is held for top non-korean professionals that have won a big event recently or shown extraordinary promise. This is a very good initiative from GomTV since it will support the fans with more non-korean players in future GSL tournaments. So far Idra and Jinro are the only non-korean code S players. Loner are classed as code A already and Ret will have to play decision matches for his code A classification.

I hope you find this information valuable and feel free to ask any questions!

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XLBet offers odds on tomorrows starcraft1 matches (round of 16) in Bacchus OSL:

10 Dec 2010 – 11.30 CET
Paralyze(P) 1.85 vs 1.90 Hyuk(Z)
Map: Gladiator

10 Dec 2010 – 11.45 CET
Jaedong(Z) 1.41 vs 2.75 HiyA(T)
Map: Pathfinder

10 Dec 2010 – 12.00 CET
Sea(T) 1.87 vs 1.87 Shine(Z)
Map: Icarus

10 Dec 2010 – 12.15 CET
Free(P) 1.75 vs 2.00 Hydra(Z)
Map: Aztec

Best of Luck!

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GSL semifinals starts today with TSL_Rain vs HongUnPrime played today at 11.00 CET and oGsMC vs LiquidJinro tomorrow at 11.00 CET. You can watch both games live for free at the GomTV stream.

XLBet offers odds on both semifinals:

9 Dec 2010 – 11.00 CET
TSL_Rain(T) 2.30 vs 1.57 HongUnPrime(P)
Maps: Metalopolis, Xel’Naga Caverns, Lost Temple, Delta Quadrant, Scrap Station, Blistering Sands, Steppes of War

10 Dec 2010 – 11.00 CET
oGsMC(P) 1.30 vs 3.30 LiquidJinro(T)
Maps: Steppes of War, Xel’Naga Caverns, Shakuras Plateau, Jungle Basin, Metalopolis, Scrap Station, Lost Temple

Best of luck!

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Hi, I hope you’re as excited as I am. I want to bring you a betting portal focused on electronic sports also known as eSports. A lot of gamers all around the world enjoy watching starcraft, counterstrike and quake matches. Now it’s finally possible to place bet on your favorite starcraft player in the Global Starcraft League or your favorite Counter-Strike team in the Intel Extreme Masters.

With this in mind I created this website for you who like to watch these games but also want to bet on it. I will report odds offered by different bookies and the results of theses matches. If you like the site I will also create a forum for us to discuss different matches, players and bets. But for now we can do this in the comments!

I wish you all the best of luck in your eSports betting :)

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The odds have been removed from this post but you can find all the latest eSport matches with their corresponding lines at our Home page.

Bet on the matches above on pinnaclesports.

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This post has been altered but you can find all the latest eSport odds at our esportbetting