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bet-on-Artifact-eSport-betting Genre: Digital Trading Card Game (Digital TCG)
Format: 1v1
Publisher: Valve

Artifact is a competitive eSports card game in the Dota realm.The game-play is a bit different from games like MTG and Hearthstone. It may seem super advanced in the beginning, but don't let that scare you. After an hour or two you will have grasped the basic of the game. We at eSport betting are sure that this game will triumph Hearthstone and take digital trading card games as an eSport to a higher level! Time will tell if this game cannibalizes the Hearthstone pro scene and if all the eSports professionals move over to Artifact. Our bet is that it will!

There has been an announcement that there will be a competitive Artifact tournament with a $2m prizepool with at least $1m to the winner in the first quarter of 2019. All the large bookmakers will accept artifact bets on this tournament for sure!

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A quick Artifact gameplay walkthrough

There are four different colors of cards (Red, Green, Blue & Black) as well as gold cards which are items. In addition to the colors there are several different card types. Heroes (you must play 5 of these in a deck), Creeps (bodies to fight with, that you deploy to a lane), Spells (played from a lane but can sometimes target all / or another lane than it's played from) and Improvements (attached to a lane). The four colors have different heroes available and the players have to combine some of the colors to build their deck. The meta right now are advocating that your deck consist of 2-3 colors.

Just like Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone there are different ways you can play the game. Constructed is a game mode where you build a deck from your collection and bring it into the match. There is also Limited (there are many names for this in other comparable games). This is a mode where you build a deck from a limited game mode. In Magic it is called Draft, in Hearthstone Arena and in Artifact it is called Guantlet.

Either way, you play the game with you deck, versus your opponent, on three different lanes (or boards). You win by destroying your enemies tier1 tower (they have 40 life) at two lanes or destroying their tier 2 tower (it has 80 life, and you have to destroy the tier 1 first) in one lane. Two heroes from each player spawn at the beginning of the match in random lanes, together with some creeps. The rest of your heroes will be deployable (you can choose which lane they enter) in the coming turns. If a hero dies it will dissapear from the lane and will then be deployable in two turns again.

An extra mechanic of the gameplay is the gold aspect. You will get gold when you kill opponent heroes. This gold is spent to buy items after each turn. There are consumable items like town scrolls and potions which are one time use items. In addition to these there also exists permanent items like that are attachable to a hero. These are weapons, armor and accessories.