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Looking at the odds above

The odds above are decimal odds provided by Betway eSports. In the future we will be launching an comparison service so you get the prices from several different betting sites, for the same match, too see which betting sites give the best odds for a specific option on a specific game.

We recommend that you use our odds calculators from time to time to see what margin is embedded in the quotes. That way you will get a feeling for how much rake the charge on their bets. These margins could be very different from 1x2 games to specials like who wins the first round.

eSports Odds - FAQ

eSports Odds – A quick walkthrough

Odds are the prices that you get by placing money or skins on a match or event. Remember, they are the price, not the actual probability. Often, the odds are well priced and reflects the probability in an accurate way. When they aren't, there's a opportunity to find value and place winning bets.

The odds-format differs a bit from region to region. You can read more about the different formats below:

How does Decimal / European odds work?

European odds are called decimal odds which tells you what you will get back placing a bet (including your own money).

Example: NiP with odds at 2.1 vs NaVi with odds at 1.7

If you place $10 on NiP to win you will get paid $21 if they win.
Ten of these dollars where your own money to start with so the profit is $11 if you were skilled or lucky enough to win.

How does Fractional / UK odds work?

United Kingdom use fractional odds, which looks a bit different and only show you what profit you will make with your bet.

Example: NiP with odds at 11/10 vs NaVi with odds at 7/10.

If you place $10 on NiP to win you will get paid 11/10 * your bet = $11.
If you bet on NaVi and they win you get $7.

What are Lines / US odds?

United States odds are called lines and are either positive or negative. Positive lines / numbers indicate how much profit you make if you bet $100. Negative Numbers indicates how much you must bet to make a $100 profit.

Example: NiP with line at +110 vs NaVi with line -143.

If you place $100 on NiP to win you will make a profit of $110.
To win $100 by betting on NaVi you must place a $143 bet.