eSports betting guide

Take your game to the next level with our eSports betting guide ➤ Key factors ✚ Odds ✚ Tools ✚ Bankroll management.

If you only bet on eSports for fun that’s totally fine. However if you want to get good results there are some things you should think of. Below is a short guide of things to focus on while trying to make money of your eSports knowledge.

Bookmaker margins

The bookmakers are seeking to make a profit out of the action that they are providing you. They do this by setting the total odds offered on a match/event in a way that gives them a margin on the total market. This margin can differ a lot and it is often easier to beat bookmakers with slim margins. With that said there can still be times where the bookmaker with the higher margins miscalculates the odds which can play in your favor.

It is always good to calculate the bookmakers margin to know how much "rake" you are dealing with. The bookmaker margin can be calculated at our calculators page.

Know the teams/players

Like in all other sports it is important to be well informed before making your bets. You have free access to a lot of information about the players in different eSport games. Replays, VODs and streams are everywhere on the internet. Learn the players strengths and weaknesses.

In Starcraft for example you can see that players are good and bad in different matchups and on different maps. Check out the current streams and matches at our eSport-TV.

Know the maps and format

In Starcraft the three different races have different maps that are easy for their race. Often the maps are known before the match is started therefor you should base your bet on this information.

You should also think about the match-format. Is it a best of one, a best of three or a best of seven? This affects the probability of a certain outcome. The most skilled player is more likely to win in a best of seven then a best of one.

Find the best odds

The days with only one bookmaker offering odds on eSports is over! This gives us bettors more opportunities to compare odds and find the best odds on a given match. However, since I've been following this market since the start. I would recommend you to be careful with smaller, new bookmakers.

Feel free to read about the different bookmakers, see information like what license they got, when they started out and what bonuses they offer on our reviews page. There are some key insights to which bookmakers who have been an around for a long time and who can be 100% trusted.

Track your results

By tracking your wagers in a good manner you can use your history to learn from past mistakes and continue to press on the opportunities that have been good to you in the past. Information can create so much value in the right hands.

This site provides a free betting tracker where you can save bets, divide them up per game, bookmaker, players or team etc. This is a great way to find your weaknesses and strengths. All you need to do is to take 15 seconds to sign up. After that you can start recording your bets.

Bankroll Management

If you want to bet seriously you should always considering sizing your bets in a way that you can afford to lose some bets. Of course this depends on your goal. If you bet for fun and have a steady income you can deposit a sum and bet all of it on one match. However if you don’t have a steady income or are betting bigger amounts you should make smaller bets in comparison to your total amount thus getting the privilege of being unlucky a couple of matches without busting your account.

There are a lot of good articles about bankroll management on the internet for those who are interested!

Online Wallets

If you want to be serious about your eSportsbetting you should get an online-wallet/eWallet like Skrill (former moneybookers) or Neteller. These two are absolutely safe and enables you to move your bankroll between different sportsbooks. This could be very useful if you want to start betting on another bookie because they have better odds or offer a better bonus.

Feel free to compare the different eSport bookmakers and their bonus offerings on our bookmaker page.

You also get rid of expensive exchange rates if your regular bank currency isn’t the same as the bookies. I recommend that you choose USD as your standard currency on all accounts (sportsbooks and online wallets).